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Brand: helle Model: ALDEL 76
Alden The Alden is named after the island Alden. Alden is still an important landmark for Fishermen coming home from the sea. The island is situated just of the coast from where the Helle factory is situated. The Alden has a non-laminated stainless steel blade (12C27) and curly birch handle with s..
Ex Tax:117.00€
Brand: helle Model: ALGONQUIN 78
A beautiful and stout knife, the Algonquin is designed for self-reliance and freedom in the wild whether traversing from jungle to tundra or just sitting around the campfire with friends. Handmade in Norway using darkened oak, curly birch and red leather inserts, the handle shape features a sligh..
Ex Tax:148.00€
Brand: helle Model: 14 ARV
Handcrafted using traditional methods that have been passed down for generations, the Arv Knife is worthy of inheritance. A versatile lifelong companion, the Arv dispatches cutting tasks with ease. Featuring a drop point blade made of Helle’s renowned triple laminated stainless steel with a razor..
Ex Tax:159.50€
Brand: helle Model: 90 BRAKAR
The BraKar is with its triple laminated stainless steel blade one of the biggest knifes we make. The handle is an assembly of walnut, curly birch and with leather spacers. It has a small cutout to serve as an indicator or finger guard. The knife sits deep in the sturdy leather sheath, Nordic styl..
Ex Tax:148.00€
Brand: helle Model: 200 DOKKA
Dokka Folding knife. The Dokka knife is a classic all-purpose folding knife and in fact the first Helle designed folding knife ever produced. It has a beautiful curly birch handle hiding the integrated steel liners. It is also one of a kind since it has the unique triple laminated stainless st..
Ex Tax:160.00€
Brand: helle Model: 75 EGGEN
The Eggen is one of our most used all-round outdoor knifes. It is a stout hunting knife with a drop point blade of triple laminated stainless steel. The substantial curly birch handle is shaped to form a finger guard. It is gives a solid feel in the hand and is comfortable for both medium an..
Ex Tax:117.00€
Brand: helle Model: 190 FIRE
The Fire was the first full tang knife produced in the Helle Factory. The blade is our triple laminated stainless steel to give an extraordinary edge. The one piece handle on Fire wraps around the lower part of the tang leaving it only visible on the  upper surface of the handle. This ..
Ex Tax:152.00€
Brand: helle Model: 48 FJELLBEKK
The Fjellbekk with its triple laminated stainless steel blade has a more cured edge for skinning and a dropping point. The walnut handle is shaped to give a secure finger guard to keep your hand off the blade. The knife comes in a brown leather sheath with a snap style keeper strap. Maintenanc..
Ex Tax:114.00€
Brand: helle Model: 4 FJELLNIVEN
The Fjellkniven is a traditional all-purpose belt knife. This highly polished laminated stainless steel blade is shaped for every day chores. The comfortable grip is shaped to keep your hands off the blade. It comes with the traditional pouch style sheath that does not require a keeper strap. ..
Ex Tax:122.00€
Brand: helle Model: 80 FOLKEKNIVEN
The Folkekniven is a smaller utility knife for every day use. It has a blade made of non-laminated stainless steel (Sandvik 12C27). With its curly birch handle and a straight forward leather sheath this is an every mans knife for every day chores. Maintenance Helle knives are designed to re..
Ex Tax:85.00€
Brand: helle Model: 49 FOSSEKALLEN
Fossekallen is named after Norway’s ”national” bird. The knife is well shaped for all around use. The blade is made of triple laminated stainless steel. The knife comes with a snap type leather sheath. Maintenance Helle knives are designed to retain their sharpness as a lifelong outdoors co..
Ex Tax:107.50€
Brand: helle Model: 155 FUTURA
The Futura, sits comfortable in the hand, features a nicely designed handle with red leather and stainless steel spacers. The blade of triple laminated stainless steel has a gentle drop point and is well designed for most hunting tasks. Nice belt snap sheath. Maintenance Helle knives are de..
Ex Tax:127.00€
Brand: helle Model: 310 GAUPE
Gaupe is the Norwegian word for Lynx. This all purpose outdoor knife sits comfortable in the hand with a slight finger guard. It’s triple laminated stainless steel blade offers extraordinary sharpness. The knife sheath is a traditional Scandinavian design with the Lynx footprint as decoration. ..
Ex Tax:137.00€
Brand: helle Model: 36 GT
Helle GT is a knife with a substantial guard. It is a big knife, but the lack of pommel and the use of aluminum for the guard keeps the weight down. It is an excellent choice for those who like a fairly big knife with a guard. The blade is made of triple laminated stainless steel. The knife comes..
Ex Tax:156.00€
Brand: helle Model: 99 HARDING
The Harding is a traditional barrel handle hunting knife. The beautiful, warm handle is made from curly birch and walnut separated by layers of leather. It has a full length tang. The blade is made of razor sharp triple laminated stainless steel. It comes with an embossed leather sheath with a ha..
Ex Tax:141.00€
Brand: helle Model: 87 HARMONI
The Harmoni is a part of a series of Helle knives done in a contemporary style. The blade is made of triple laminated stainless steel with a handle of curly birch and walnut with leather spacers. There is a small guard on the handle providing security. It comes with a pouch type sheath reinforced..
Ex Tax:114.50€
Brand: helle Model: 120 HELLEFISK
Hellefisk is a straight-forward fishing knife with a cork handle. The stainless blade of Sandvik 12C27 steel is thin and rather stiff. The traditional sheath hangs from a thong. The knife weighs less than 2 ounces and it floats if it is lost overboard. Maintenance Helle knives are designed ..
Ex Tax:109.00€
Brand: helle Model: 42 JEGERMESTER
The Jegermester is intended for the butchering of big game. The blade is thin made of 12C27 steel a steel that offers excellent edgeholding and sharpness. The knife comes with a pouch sheath. The handle is substantial with an attractive brass guard. Maintenance Helle knives are designed to ..
Ex Tax:130.00€
Brand: helle Model: 75 års JUBILEUM
The 75’th Anniversary knife is a beautiful knife and a pleasant one to use. The handle is made of curly birch and walnut for a nice contrast. The triple laminated stainless steel blade has a little bit of upsweep to give a very sharp point and a bit of belly toward the point. The traditional pouc..
Ex Tax:139.00€
Brand: helle Model: 30 JUBILEUMSKNIVEN
HELLE JUBILEUMSKNIVEN 30 Maintenance Helle knives are designed to retain their sharpness as a lifelong outdoors companion. But it is still important to take care of your knife and its sheath. The Handle. Dry the handle with a soft cloth if wet and wax occasionally. The Sheath. The leathe..
Ex Tax:120.00€
Brand: helle Model: 70 LAPPLAND
This knife is the all-purpose camp knife of the Sami people; some may add it to the category of a baby machete, quite hefty in the hand. The Sami people use them in their daily mobile life. This is a big knife with a non-laminated steel blade. The blade is fairly thin for effective slicing. Th..
Ex Tax:166.00€
Brand: helle Model: 55 NYING
The Nying is a Helle classic, short and stubby. The handle is generously proportioned to give a good grip even when your hands are cold. The attractive leather sheath has a distinctive cutout. It is fitted with a keeper strap, which engages a stud on the pommel, and a suspension thong. The Nying ..
Ex Tax:92.50€
Brand: helle Model: 15 ODEL
This is a handy all purpose knife that is well worth passing down the generations. The blade that has a bit of a drop point is very functional for both game and camp chores. The blade is made of triple laminated stainless steel. The handle of Odel is built up from curly birch, antler and leather,..
Ex Tax:134.00€
Brand: helle Model: 05 SCOUT KNIFE SPEIDER
The HELLE SCOUT KNIFE SPEIDER 05 is an all-purpose belt knife. The blade is made of Sandvik 12C stainless steel that provides excellent edge holding and sharpness. The handle is smoothly sanded and has a mellow finish. It comes with a slotted leather sheath. This is about all the knife anyon..
Ex Tax:64.00€
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