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Founded in 2005, we – at Necon Pet Food – strive towards the research and development of top quality dog food. In the wake of the success obtained through the Atletic Dog line of products, especially concerning sports dogs, we – in collaboration with veterinarian nutritionists – committed to develop new ranges of top-notch food products formulated according to three principles:
1. Simple recipe
2. Quality of raw materials
3. Our distinctive trait of double processing with cold fi nishing which combines hand-made quality care         with technological innovation.
Simple recipe. Primarily, we – at Necon – chose to avoid using non-nutritional or non-functional ingredients: our products contain neither food colours nor chemical appetisers. In addition, when it came to choosing ingredients, we drew inspiration from nature which guides us through its simplicity. Our recipes contain very few but top quality ingredients capable of fully meeting the nutritional needs of dogs.
Our only secret lies in our yearn to fully reveal the contents of our products to you, so that you can see that it takes simple and natural things to give life to something extraordinary.
Quality of raw materials: carefully selected suppliers, top quality of raw materials processed with skill and passion. Processed in our production plant applying methods aimed at safeguarding the nutritional values.
Double processing with cold fi nishing: the exclusive production process conceived by us – at Necon Pet Food – enables us to constantly monitor the production development of the product due to the constant presence of our operators along the entire production cycle. We have learnt to selectively process the ingredients by subjecting them to diversifi ed heat and production treatments:
Starch and carbohydrates are transformed at temperatures aimed at optimising the gelatinisation and digestion of starch. Proteins and fats are processed at a lower temperature so as toavoid damaging of reducing the bioavailability of the nutrients that would occur upon cooking at high temperatures. 
The line dedicated to cats and small dogs based on 2 fundamental concepts: taste and well-being.Reached thanks to the high percentage of proteins of animal origin and to the presence of functional ingredients with antioxidant action in the recipe

Brand: NECON Model: NW001
Necon NW ADULT PORK & RICE  2kg COMPLETE FOOD FOR SMALL DOGS UNTIL 10 KG OF WEIGHT SUPER PREMIUM QUALITY - LOW GRAIN Composition: dried pork protein 36%, whole corn grain, animal fat, rice 6%, hydrolyzed animal protein, corn flour, carob flour, dried beet pulp, ..
Ex Tax:15.60€
Brand: NECON Model: NW002
Necon NW ADULT SALMON & RICE  2kg COMPLETE FOOD FOR SMALL DOGS UNTIL 10 KG OF WEIGHT SUPER PREMIUM QUALITY - LOW GRAIN Composition: Salmon meal 33%, whole corn grain, animal fat, dried pork protein 4%, rice 6%, corn flour, carob flour, dried beet pulp, vegetal fiber, mine..
Ex Tax:16.70€
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